Water Damage Photo Gallery

Flooding in Your Salem, NH Home May Produce Furniture Stains

When furniture is on damp or wet flooring after a pipe breaks, it can produce stains, as seen here in the picture. When SERVPRO® of Salem/Plaistow arrives to help mitigate the situation, we put blocks and pads to lift the items to keep them from sitting on the wet areas and protect your flooring. Sometimes these stains can be removed during a carpet cleaning while other times, the insurance or customer may choose to remove the carpeting. 

Demolition During Remediation

During the water, fire, or mold remediation process, we have to perform demolition to fix your property. In this case, we take care in making sure what we take out is clean and ready for a contractor to put everything back together. Learn more about our residential services here at SERVPRO of Salem/Plaistow:

Water Damage from a Sump Pump in Plaistow, NH

This photo represents water damage from a a sump pump failure in a customer's home. There was standing water as shown by our crew chief stepping in the water. We cleaned and disinfected the area. The customer was very happy that we provided all necessary measures to prevent mold. We were in and out of the customer's home in a matter of days, which helped them return to normal.

Water Damage in Pelham, NH Homes

This family’s Pelham residence experienced serious water damage after a bathroom pipe break. SERVPRO of Salem/Plaistow has the expertise and equipment to mitigate residential water losses just like this one. The family was very grateful to be able to use the space again within a matter of days!

Water Damage in Salem, NH

In this home, a water tank let go and flooded the basement. SERVPRO of Salem/Plaistow was able to move the contents affected, clean them, and dispose of what was deemed unsalvageable. Then the crews cleaned and disinfected the basement in order to dry it back to its normal conditions. 

Tenting Equipment in Atkinson, NH

After a water damage cleanup, in order to properly dry out the basement ceiling and floor above, we tent our equipment directly into the ceiling. This allows for a more focused drying area and usually a faster dry time. We are able to complete the job in a more timely manner when equipment can focus on the particular area needing drying versus drying a whole room.

Flooded Basement in Atkinson, NH

Sewage from an injector pump backed up into the finished basement of this home. The carpet and padding was removed during the process and the cement floor could then be cleaned and disinfected. Our technicians follow the IICRC standards in all of our cleaning, to ensure the safety of all our customers.

Commercial Pipe Burst in Windham, NH

In this function hall, pipes burst and soaked through walls and carpets. Part of our process including the extraction and drying out of flooring while also cutting the walls that were affected. After the rebuild was completed, our technicians went back in to clean the carpets of any construction debris. This allowed the customer to be back i business in no time!